Celestial Beat (field recording)

by Celestial Blue Music



Recorded in my car (Eloise) on the top of a cliff in the Gunnison National Forest 9-27-16. Watch the video of this recording youtu.be/iOfiIIdejEw


I am the beat of a drum
I am the light of a sun
I am a speck of dust
I am the love that I trust

Everything’s connected

I am the stars in the night
I am the wind in the flight
I am the waves in the sea
I am the leaves in the tree

It’s all connected

I am you, you are me
And we are all that we can see
Visualize your paradise
And you will realize the magic of the mystery
Universal history - Celestial blue movements in the sands
Of time, the winds of change
The tides of strange, the mind you make
With your soul, it’s all whole
Pole to pole, pole to pole

Everything’s connected

You are the beat of a drum
You are the light of a sun
You are a speck of dust
You are the love that you trust
Everything’s connected.



released October 8, 2016
Kari J. Acoustic Guitar & Vocals, Recording & (minimal) Mixing.



all rights reserved


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