Living the Dream

by Celestial Blue Music



Everything in this world
Spins in and out of focus
As the mind takes notice
Of the movement of the spheres

All of time is boiled down
As the mind’s eye opens
And seasoned with the opus
Of all our hopes and fears

Would it be all it seemed it would be
When you first imagined the thing you desire?
If you were living the dream
And you were caught in midstream
Could you zoom out from the scene and know
you were already living the dream?

When your thoughts go astray
Drifting far and away
Do you squander the day
Present passing as you stay

Locked up in your past
Or in some dreamy forecast
Of a future that never meets
Up with your plans

Can anyone say they don’t waste time away
That it doesn’t outrun everything that they’ve done
To be where they are
Never knowing how near or how far
They’ve come to be living the dream

If life’s a system of sacrifice
Then one day you can put up a fight
And when you come in between
Man’s evil dream and the innocent creature you defend

They’ll snuff out your life like you turn out the light
And you’ll never have to mourn again
You’ll be living the dream

If you were caught in midstream
Could you zoom out from the scene
And know
You were already living the dream
(January, 2006)


released January 22, 2007
Kari J. electric guitar, vocals, recording, mixing.



all rights reserved


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